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Last chance to win up to £2,000 cash to explore your idea for a new business

“We pledge to inject up to £2,000 each month into a new idea that we believe to be innovative.” – Innovation Optimiser, UMIP.

Do you have an idea for a new business? Are you a staff member at The University of Manchester? Apply today for an Ignition Award of up to £2,000 to test its viability.

The team at Innovation Optimiser made a pledge back in January to provide an Ignition Award of up to £2,000 each month* until the end of July 2019 to an innovative idea. Sticking to that promise, £12,000 has been awarded to 6 new projects over the last 6 months. This funding has enabled awardees from across all faculties at the university to explore their idea through market validation and create product prototypes to test within industry.

As we’ve now entered July, we at the Innovation Optimiser are doing a final call for applications for an Ignition Award of up to £2,000.

This award allocation supports our vision to inspire and further build on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship across The University of Manchester. Staff and early career researchers can apply for this award to test an idea, find out if it is viable, learn more about what is needed to progress the idea and even create a prototype product.

To obtain an application form, please email ignitionawards@umip.com

To find out more about the Ignition Award, visit our FAQs section.

For inspiration, take a look at some case studies and read about The University of Manchester innovators who received support through the Innovation Optimiser programme.

Closing date for applications is Thursday 25th July 2019.

*Subject to funding.

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