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Why commercialise?

Why should I commercialise my University research?

Why should I consider commercialising my research? How would I have the time to commercialise my idea? I’m a researcher, not an entrepreneur.

The term ‘commercialisation’ can raise many questions for researchers, and rightly so. Academics are constantly under pressure to release publications to enable them to continue to access funding and maintain the reputation of their work and the University they work for. For this reason, the publication and commercialisation of research are often thought to eliminate the route to one another; either or. As a matter of fact, publication and commercialisation support one another, and add value and significance to the research results. It is important however, to consider commercialising before you submit your article for publication, so that you can protect your IP.

Has an idea emerged from your research that you believe to be a solution to a problem? Have you discovered something that makes others wonder why it doesn’t already exist? If so, then you’ve probably identified something significant, and it is important to disclose your idea to your local technology transfer company so that it can receive the appropriate attention and consideration. For researchers at The University of Manchester, you have UMIP, whose aim is to work with you, providing you with expertise in your Intellectual Property Rights and invaluable skills through the Innovation Optimiser programme to become confident and competent in developing your idea to a marketable form. As UMIP can invest in the commercialisation of your idea and open new pathways to funding your venture, working with them and benefitting from their support is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

Are you Researcher at The University of Manchester and have an idea that you think could be commercialised? Then check out our event taking place on the 27th March, ‘Ignite Your Idea’, taking place at the Milk & Honey Café, Oxford Road, 1pm-2.30pm. Places are limited and available of a FCFS basis.