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Typical Traits of Entrepreneurs

Typical Traits of Entrepreneurs

Working with small businesses and start-up companies on a day-to-day basis has given the team here at Innovation Optimiser a good understanding of the typical traits of successful entrepreneurs. Being entrepreneurial-minded and business-minded go hand in hand, but aren’t necessarily the same. Being business-minded usually reflects that you’re commercially aware and can effectively manage priorities. However, being entrepreneurial-minded indicates that you have a variety of highly-sought traits, which, given the right tools to become business-minded, would help you flourish outside of the world of academia.

Thousands of people – researchers in particular – have that innovative, ground-breaking idea but don’t consider themselves to be entrepreneurial, and therefore dismiss the opportunity to commercialise what could be the Next. Big. Thing.

Let’s explore (in no particular order) what we at the Innovation Optimiser believe is the make-up of an entrepreneur, and see if you fit our description:


Maintaining a positive drive to succeed and to overcome obstacles.


Regardless of the inevitable countless of step-backs, the entrepreneurial-minded stay committed to achieving their set goals.


Not necessarily in the sense of standing on a stage drowned by an ocean of power-bods, but having that positive attitude towards your own skillset and abilities is crucial, in addition to being consciously aware of what your weaknesses are.


This can help you a long way down the winding road to success.


An open mind and eagerness to learn about new things, and how things work.


Your standard 9-5 and mid-day slump is alien to the entrepreneurial-minded. Remaining engaged and highly productive throughout your long days is unquestionable.


It’s vital to be ready and open to adopting change. Living in an age where markets are changing quicker than Costa’s speciality range, the successful entrepreneur can quickly adapt to meet the needs of their consumers.


A bold trait of all entrepreneurs; their creative mind. Creative in the way they do things, plan things, but most importantly in the way they think.

Can you relate to any of the above? It’s surprising yet understandable how researchers and entrepreneurs share similar traits; you are the brains behind some of the most ground-breaking innovative technologies, after all.

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