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FAQs: Monthly Ignition Awards

Monthly Ignition Awards: FAQs

The Innovation Optimiser have pledged to inject up to £2,000 each month* to the end of the current academic year into new ideas that we believe to be innovative. The Ignition Award allocation supports our vision to inspire and further build on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship across The University of Manchester. If you’d like to apply, please email ignitionawards@umip.com for an application form.

Who is eligible to apply for an Ignition Award?

Any staff member at The University of Manchester, including academics, PDRA’s and support staff.

Can I use the Ignition Award to fund my salary?

No. The Ignition Fund cannot contribute towards your salary.

Can I use the Ignition Award for laboratory research?

No. The funding cannot be used to supplement your research i.e. consumables, additional experimental work, access to equipment, facilities etc.

If my application is successful do I need to seek approval to explore my idea?

It is expected that your supervisor/ line manager supports your entrepreneurial activity.

Will the Ignition Award support me to explore the market?

Yes! The award can be used to test the feasibility of your idea and cover the associated costs of travel, hosting meetings and focus groups with potential users/buyers.

Can I use the fund to produce a prototype?

If you have already gathered feedback from potential customers to validate that your idea is both needed and wanted in the market, you may use the Ignition Award to create a prototype of your product for further exploration.

How much funding am I able to apply for?

You may apply for an award of up to £2,000.

When are the closing dates for the monthly Ignition Awards?

Please submit your application by midnight on the 25th to be considered for that month’s award allocation.

How long is the monthly Ignition Award competition running for?

Subject to availability, we will run a competition every month up to and including July 2019.

If my application is unsuccessful, am I allowed to resubmit the following month?

Absolutely – there is no limit to the number of times you can apply to the Ignition Fund.

If I’ve been granted an Ignition Award previously, am I okay to re-apply?

No. You may only be allocated an Ignition Award once. However, if your application is relating to a different idea then please contact a UMIP Commercial Executive.

*Subject to availability.